Yuki Seaguar Saiko Soft 100% Fluorocarbon

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Seaguar Saiko Soft and Stiff have been specifically designed for saltwater competition fishing with strength and abrasion resistance in mind.

Now we are going to introduce the latest and newest on invisible lines specially created for fishing with the most advanced Japanese technology. Yuki Seaguar Saiko has been created with a new molecule all around superior to the ones used on any other line until today, making of its structure an unsurpassed line. Its polymer strings construction and its all direction orientation makes it highly knot resistant and very resilient to salt and abrasion, both for UV rays and touch. With its unique molecular structure we have been able to create a very light line with and incredibly soft touch. The line’s refraction degree is nearly that of the water’s density making it totally invisible, making a real difference with other lines.