LMAB KOFI Perch 14cm

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The Kofi Perch 14cm is an excellent all round predator lure. A realistic lure both in terms of appearance and movement, the Kofi Perch 14cm is ideally fish with a jig head or shallow screw rig and cast through the water columns to find your unsuspecting specimen.

In terms of appearance, the Kofi Perch 14cm comes in a range of colours and has several important features:

  • A gaping mouth to accommodate a ball shaped jig head
  • Moving pectoral fins and static anal fin to assist with swimming action
  • Some colours are UV active either in their whole colour or just fins
  • Infused with seafood scent for extra attraction

Our Kofi Perch 14cm weighs 24g and can be supplied in a pack of three or singularly. We suggest a size '5/0 - 6/0' jig head or shallow screw rig to fish.