Keitech Swing Impact FAT

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The Keitech FAT Swing Impact redefines swimbait performance. 

Keitech's revolutionary two-tone injection process uses several different types of salted plastics to achieve perfect balance & action. The most impressive feature of these great swim baits is the ability to maintain a perfect swimming motion at any retrieve speed. The tapered design ringed body distorts the shape to a more natural appearance. The center rigging line provides the perfect position to ensure the bait is rigged correctly.

Keitech FAT Swing Impact Features: Remarkable swimming action
Custom Keitech 2-tone colour process
Strong Squid scent
Perfectly balanced - Never rolls over
Swims perfectly at any speed

Recommended Hook Size
4.8" - 3/0 or 4/0 
5.8" - 6/0