FISHUS Espetit Shallow Runner

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The new member of the acclaimed Espetit family, a minnow to scout shallow zones in pursuit of seabass.

Perfect for fishing on beaches with sunken obstacles, bays and shallow banks, where the surface is covered by weed and you can't fish with topwater lures but a sinking one would get continuously snagged on the bottom.

On low-light conditions the Shallow Runner will move forward leaving a highly noticeable wave due to its inner rattling and an emblazing flash thanks to its rolling action.
Also, it will keep a perfect stability due to its ballast weight transfer.
Designed with seabass on mind, but also deadly for bluefish, barracuda, amberjack, leerfish and flatfish.
Armed with #4 EX trebles, this floating demon dives down to 0.2-0.6 meters deep.