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On our way to keep our mind working, we search for inspiration on our experiences at the waterfront.
That's were the idea of Esparall came. "Esparrall" is the name of a tiny sparid, probably the more open to be attacked by any other species.
Many times big predators like seabass, bluefish or leerfish hunt for these little preys, that's when we can resort to this small swimbait.
Thanks to its profile it resembles a sunfish, one of the main dishes on the menu of freshwater preds like blackbass or pike, that will smash it with no hesitation.
The Esparall is a customizable lure, its plastic tail can be rotated to fit two positions, each with different actions, or can replaced by a spinner, rubber skirt or feather depending on the situation.
Also being a sinking lure you can make it float removing one of the hooks. Truly a one-of-a-kind swimbait.

Vertical tail position for regular retrieve and glide action
Esparrall Swimbait
Horizontal tail position for slow retrieve and twitch action
Dying fish fall and glide action
Esparrall Swimbait