LMAB Bleak Shad 9cm

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The "Bleak Shad" by #LMAB

After the success of the pintail we decided to make a version with a paddle tail. The slim lure shape is particularly suitable for perch and zander fishing, although more recently we had lots of success with sea species such as bass, cod and pollock.

About the Bleak Shad

The Bleak Shad is a slender profile rubber lure with paddle tail, that works reliably in every sinking phase and gives the bait a great action. The small fins round off the overall appearance and stabilize the bait to guarantee a realistic movement. Several colours within the range feature UV colours, or fins, and they all feature a seafood scent throughout for extra attraction!

Three sizes for every situation!

The Bleak Shad is available in three different sizes: 6 cm, 9 cm and 12 cm.

6cm - The smallest version is ideal for perch and zander fishing - it is particularly popular when street fishing. Fished through the mid-water on small jig heads or presented on the bottom, no predator can resist! The Bleak Shad is also great on finesse rigs such as on the drop shot, for example, the bait plays seductively under water even with very slight movement.

9cm - A great all-rounder in terms of size and presentation. This size makes a superb 'search bait' - throw it around and you will soon see which predators are there and feeding! This size is flexible for jig fishing and you can use NED, traditional jig heads or offset. 

12cm - The specimen of the Bleak Shad range and the specimen catcher. Fished on jigs this size is perfect for large perch, pike and zander. Recently we discovered they're also magnets for sea fish such as bass, cod, coalfish and many others!